Vonisha Service Foundation is set to create impact in improvement of social health of the population cutting across religion, region, caste, creed  and contribute positively to the society. Health & Wellness, Education & Skill Development will be the core functional areas. This will impact society at all levels, creating opportunities for children, youth, women, elderly and differently-abled people belonging to all strata of the society and result in human empowerment. 


Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged by scalling up with a cradle to carrier approach by blending passion with compassion by incorporating human values ,skills and technology. To provide sustainable improvement of the social health, cutting across various differences of caste, creed, community, religion, and region and to serve in strengthening the values of our country.


Our vision is to empower the lives of underprivileged through education,health,sports and environment.grow to serve and serve to grow, blending passion with compassion.

Our Approach is to first understand the needs of basic education and health of the adopted community,where we will be associated to serve, design and deliver as per their needs.This will be carried forward in a systematic manner through various activities,health camps, counselling etc. The aim of our approach is to bring out holistic development in these communities which will boost their confidence and make them independent. 

The first thing I told my would- be wife 20 years ago is that I am not a conventional doctor who is happy to do private practice and earn money but I’m interested to do social service. My Wife listened to me quietly at that time. Last year she said why don't we start something on our own and do service in a structured way. And that’s how our journey began…

We are a social entrepreneur sec 8 company, (CIN No: U85200KA2017NPL1011898) formed with the sole intention of making an impact in the life of the underprivileged cutting across the divides of religion, caste, region, color and creed.

Vonisha means “Unique thinkers and excellent workers”. Our core area of contributions is in the field of education,sports, Health, environment and skill development of the underprivileged. We believe in delivery of services at the roots where it is required the most.

Our endeavor is to identify the need and deliver it to create a positive social impact in the lives of Underprivileged. We blend passion with compassion to deliver the same. We at Vonisha Service Foundation have credible people who have served the society passionately over the period of years. They are backing us in all our activities in this mission. To start with we are working with the underprivileged children in the field of providing primary education.

In a city like Bangalore, you would be surprised to know that there are thousands of underprivileged urban poor. They are migrant laborers who contribute to the growth story of the city. Even though they make good use of opportunities for a basic living, education of their children is their last priority. Because of this, these children are left unattended and gets misguided and land up in the hands of antisocial elements which not only negatively impact their life but also the society. 


Venkateswari Nagasubramaniam



A.Naga Subramaniam

volunteer and co-founder


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Gayathri Naga



We are in the process of adding more opportunities.

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